Take for granted what you have!

If you look at your cat or dog, what do you see? He’s wagging his tail when you come home. She recognizes your car long before you enter your street and runs towards it. When you feed him, there’s nothing more important than tasting what you offered him. When she wants to be caressed, her eyes will reflect that sole demand, compelling you to cuddle as long as your wrist will make it. When you’re gone, he will whimper in distress. When she caught you a mouse alive, her pride will be so pure that you can’t even grumble.

What do our pets do that makes us happy? Some might say they depend on us which makes us feel good because they are relatively easy to take care of. However, I think there’s more than that.

Animals thoroughly enjoy good things. If someone offers them something good, they will not start to think about consequences, guilt, merit, jealousy, or any the like we humans are so very fond of. They will deeply embrace the present of life and of joy by completely focusing on whatever pleasant activity is available. And they don’t compare good things to other good things. Food is good. Playing is good. Running is good. Snuggling is good. Sleeping is good. Listening to new sounds is good.

Animals expect good things to happen. When you feed your cat, she’s completely ready to eat, even if it’s not her usual feeding time. When you take your dog’s leash and whistle, he’ll instantly start running and jumping. Any time is happy time.

Animals demand good things. You haven’t been at home a lot lately? Your dog will tell you. Your caresses are not as attentive as they used to be? Look into your cat’s eyes and you will know.

Do you invite good things to happen in your life? Do your wishes have space to move and develop? Do you expect the next good thing waiting for you right around the corner? Do you focus completely on good things when they happen to you?

Are you prepared to live happily ever after?